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Service Packages

Your services will now be priced into more simplified all-inclusive packages! When you go to book an appointment, you will book for one of these four packages. Each package now comes with a haircut.

The new packages will start on May 1st.


You will have the option to add on additional services to your package as well. For example, you can add on a scalp therapy treatment, brow tint, and more. You can see all of my add on service options on my online booking site under the "Add On Services" category.

If you have long or thick hair then extra time will be required for your appointment. You will select the service "Extra Time" to add to your appointment. You can find this under the "Add On Services" category.


If you would like a more in-depth breakdown of my packages then click the "Existing Guest Menu" button below.

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Online Booking + Prebooking


You can access my online booking site by clicking the "Online Booking Site" button below. You can also access my VIP Guest Waitlist by clicking the "VIP Guest Waitlist" button below.

The new prebooking and online booking structure will start on March 10th.

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