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What is a customized 1 on 1 salon experience like in your private hair studio?


You'll receive a text the day of your appointment with instructions of what to do when you get here. You'll be able to choose your drink, music, and essential oil of choice before walking into the salon.



I'll kindly introduce you to the space to make you feel comfortable, and walk you back to my suite to begin your service.



We'll have a thorough conversation about your hair to make sure we're both confident on how we should proceed with your service. You will feel listened to, excited, and taken care of as we explore solutions and plans to create your perfect low maintenance hair color.



I'll proceed with your color application. We'll keep you entertained - either with watching shows or movies on the salon ipad, music, podcasts, wifi, or fun conversation. It's completely up to you! Once you're done processing, we'll get you shampooed.



Every service package includes your choice of a relaxing scalp massage treatment and an aromatherapy hot towel. I'll dim the lights and stay silent so you can close your eyes and enjoy your "me time."



I have the perfect plan to ensure you look amazing between visits.

I will intentionally educate you on how to maintain and style your hair at home in a way that fits your lifestyle. We accomplish this with tips and proper product application.



We'll make a plan for when and what your next appointment will be, get you checked out, and send you off to go turn heads with your beautiful new hair color. After leaving your first appointment with me, you'll have access to FAQs and tutorials that will keep you educated and confident in taking care of your hair. I will also be an available resource for you for more specific questions/support.

How can I make an appointment?

The experience starts when you fill out the New Guest Online Digital Consultation Form. On this form it will ask you questions about your hair history, goals, and preferences. Upon approval, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to book an appointment with me.

How do I know which service will be best for me?

The descriptions for the services can be seen on the "Services" page. After looking through the services, you'll want to access the free digital consultation by clicking the "Fill Out New Guest Online Digital Consultation Form" button below. It will take you to the salon's new guest form. On this digital form it will ask you questions about your hair history, goals, and preferences. Upon approval, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to book an appointment with us and which service(s) to book for.

Do you offer consultation only appointments prior to making a separate color appointment?

In addition to the complimentary online digital consultation, you may choose to do a 15 minute in-person or virtual online consultation with Jessica in the salon. You will be able to choose this option when filling out the online digital consultation form. 

What is included in your services?

Each experience includes an extended consultation, upgraded and indulgent treatments, expert education and professional product recommendations to perfectly complement your beauty investment.


Every lightening appointment will also include…


-A Custom Haircut


-A Thorough Consultation


-Luxurious Shampoo Experience


-Toning Treatment


-K18 Treatment


-Personalized Styling Lesson


-Post-Care Product Knowledge

Can I come in for an appointment to only get a haircut without a color service?

Because I am a color specialist, I only offer haircut services when paired with a color service at this time. If you're looking for a recommendation for a hairstylist in the area that offers haircut only services, then feel free to reach out to me by sending me an email at

Will there be any additional costs for the appointment that aren’t already included in the services?

If you have long or thick hair, or you would like to achieve a look that requires more time, then extra time will need to be added to your appointment. You will select either "Extra Time (30 mins)" or “Extra Time (1 hour)” to add to your appointment. I will let you know if it is needed when I respond to your New Guest Online Digital Consultation Form. If extra bowls of color and/or lightener are needed past the first two 2 oz bowls that are included, then it will be $25 extra per bowl.

Should I come to my appointment with clean hair? Or dirty hair?

Coming in with dry and clean hair that was washed within the past 24 hours that has no product in it is best. This will ensure that we can achieve the best possible end result. Oil and product build up in the hair can act as a barrier that hinders the color absorption process, potentially leading to less than ideal color results.

What is the K18 treatment?

K18 is a cutting-edge bond building treatment that works from within, repairing and fortifying your hair's structure on a molecular level. This two step treatment targets the damage caused by chemical processes and heat styling, restoring strength, elasticity, and shine. It allows us to achieve those stunning blonde transformations while keeping your hair healthy.


Here is the link to a video that will show you how K18 works directly from their official site:

K18 Hair: How Moleclular Repair Works

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