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Laureen C.

Jessica is an incredible stylist! Every time i have gone to her, she walks me through what we can achieve for my hair, always has the healthiest option in mind and never seizes to make me feel like a brand new woman each time I leave! Her talent is undeniablLe and her hospitality is such a wonderful plus! She has my loyalty forever. The best in the DMV!



-A Haircut

-A Thorough Consultation

-Signature Blonding

-Luxurious Shampoo Experience

-Toning Treatment

-K18 Treatment

-Personalized Styling Lesson

-Post-Care Product Knowledge

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Signature Color Refresh

This is for you if:

-You are looking to get your regrowth touched up with one solid color or get your solid color refreshed from roots to ends. ​ -You are blonde or “bronde” and are looking to get only the tone refreshed.

-Includes a haircut 

2 hour service 250+


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Signature Color

This is for you if:

-You have previously had your hair highlighted and are wanting to transition to a darker lived-in look.

-Includes a haircut 

3 hour service $440+


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Signature Blonding Refresh

This is for you if:

-You’re looking to touch up your existing blonde or "bronde" that is in the front around your face.

-Includes a haircut AND the K18 Treatment.


3 hour service $395+


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Signature Blonding

This is for you if:

-You’re looking to get a full refresh of your existing blonde or “bronde”. 

-Includes a haircut AND the K18 Treatment.


4 hour service $500+

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Transformative Color

This is for you if:

-You’re looking to get a serious makeover! 

-You are looking to go significantly lighter, more icy with your color, OR add multiple tones to your hair while brightening your ends.

-Includes a haircut AND the K18 Treatment.

5.5 hour service $750 +

*Maintenance time frame varies depending on desired look.

*If you have long or thick hair then extra time will be required for your appointment. You will select either "Extra Time (30 mins)" or “Extra Time (1 hour)” to add to your appointment. You can find these under the "Add On Services" category on the online booking site.

Extra Time (30 mins) $65

Extra Time (1 hour) $130


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Ready for the hair of your dreams?

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